Final Friday, February 2015!

Happy Friday, dear readers! Tomorrow is the last day of the month, making this a ‘Final Friday,’ so I figured I’d just let my thoughts bounce around and see where they land.

This weekend marks the first anniversary of doing one of two BETA tests for my MMORPG, the Elder Scrolls Online. I’ve been involved with this game for a year! TESO, as it is called by those of us who love it, is getting a major overhaul quite soon with a free-to-play option, the introduction of a ‘crown store,’ and the final loyalty rewards for those of us who subscribed from the beginning and stuck it out through all of the bugs, bots, and other general hassles! Some players are pissed off and bitch incessantly about how everything has been ‘nerfed’ – but the ‘nerfing’ happened because of those incessantly bitching children! I use the term “children” loosely here…even many of the so-called adults qualify as juveniles, IMHO! The console version of the game will finally be released, which may drop the population of infants slightly – more kids are certified ‘couch potatoes’ who can’t take sitting at a desk properly, so the ‘adult’ population might grow. Also, some people apparently can’t afford the expense of a $15/month subscription – those who let their subscription lapse will be able to play for free with their original characters…their accounts weren’t deleted. Not sure why $15/month is considered steep; it has been the standard fee for MMORPGs from day one, but I guess some freaks out there actually subscribe to more than one game – go figure! Incidentally, speaking of freaks…I’d forgotten how many ‘freaks’ there are in online games, and that term covers a broad swath! Wow…Ultima Online was bad enough; now, with avatars being more life-like, some people seem to get a charge out of their own (or others’) scantily-clad characters. It’s the new online ‘socializing,’ I suppose! In conclusion, I will continue to subscribe for a time – I have a TeamSpeak (TS3) account and some awesome headphones for PvP directives, and have joined a couple of decent guilds. On top of that, I have my four Veteran Rank (VR) toons, and am currently grinding a 5th as high as I can take her before the update supposedly drops on Monday, 2nd March…which is a tall order when I’m trying to keep my highest-ranked vet on the Cyrodiil leaderboards for the final two days of the Thornblade campaign! I have kept a full pot of coffee on around the clock, and my husband is no better…he has alarms set to ensure that he feeds his full stable of horses as many times as possible before the update, so we each have our own obsessions about this one game – it’s fascinating, to say the least. It’s certainly an interesting psychological study, given how the anonymity of the interwebs can cause people to say and do things that they ordinarily wouldn’t.

What next…ah, yes – how is my book coming along, you ask? It is coming along marvelously and will be completed on its timeline, but I still wonder if this blog is the best medium to post excerpts…bad enough that there are people out there who have tried to rob my tagline, so there are certainly shameless plagiarists out there! I suppose I should upgrade to the paid version of WordPress™…I guess that the supposed extra security would be worth it? We’ll see.

I was recently skimming over some other blogs; some new that I happened across while idly browsing, others are ones that I used to subscribe to but have since abandoned due to repetitive content and lack of interaction when I comment. One has been taken over by ubiquitous “guest posters” that have no blog accounts of their own. Another is taken up with comments about posts that are 3+ years old and utilizes selective moderation. Many have simply not been updated for months, and I can’t fault those bloggers – things occur IRL that take time away from online things, so it’s understandable when that happens. I go back to those sites every three months to see if anything is new, but if a blog hasn’t been updated for over a year, then it’s safe to assume that it has been abandoned. Other bloggers simply state “enough” on their sites and never post an update again. I’m glad for the new blogs that I have found, though, and will post the top three links below – I don’t mind showing a little bit of love to the good ones! (I see you, Hernie!)

Deconstructing Myths: “Complications

Skywalker Storyteller Works

I wanted to add: if you haven’t been watching the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, you are missing out – it’s fantastic! Certainly as good as the Colbert Report, if not a smidge better. The panel portion had me worried for a moment, but it actually works out well. The episode which aired on Thursday, 26th February was dynamite…please, check it out and give this brotha a chance – he deserves much support!

A final, sad note…I just learned of the passings of two other notable Aries men: Leonard Nimoy, actor best-known as his role of the Vulcan Mr. Spock in the Star Trek series and movies, and that of Earl Lloyd, the courageous brotha who broke the “colour barrier” in professional basketball. Go with the gods, good sirs…rest well.  You both lived long and prospered…now you belong to the ages.

Earl Lloyd: 3 April 1928 – 27 February 2015

Leonard Nimoy: 26 March, 1931 – 27 February 2015

In Memoriam: Malcolm X

Malcolm X – nee Malcolm Little; a.k.a. El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

50 years ago today, a powerful voice was silenced by three gunmen. Malcolm X, nee Malcolm Little, was shot multiple times before a speech he was scheduled to give in front of the Organization of Afro-American Unity, at the Audubon Ballroom in Manhattan, on this day in 1965. He was killed by members of the Nation of Islam because he was seen as having turned his back on the group due to becoming disillusioned with its then-leader, Elijah Muhammad. His intellect and charisma were seen as threatening to many, white and Black alike. At the time of his death, he was only 39 years old.
Words fail to convey the impact this man had on the consciences of generations, and his wisdom could be sorely used today. One of his daughters, Ilyasah Shabazz, recently completed a biographical novel about her father’s life, titled “X,” and was discussing it in a recent interview. She was asked, “What would your father think of the #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations?” Ms. Shabazz responded, “He would indeed agree that Black lives matter, but…he would say that the people who need to understand the message the most…aren’t going to be influenced by a hash-tag. He would want to ask what the solutions are.” This is something that I wonder, as well – we all know what the problem is, and it’s racism. The question is, what do we do about it? What are the solutions? Racism is a social construct, this is known…but it has been the foundation of US society from day one. So, how do we deconstruct it? Where can one find honest, face-to-face discussions about deconstructing racism and sexism from the ground up? I’ve yet to locate anyplace, and I’ve been searching for years. Even some who claim to fight against these very things fail miserably when confronted with some very basic questions.
What were the events that shaped this dynamic young man? Quite a few. Born on 19 May, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska, young Malcolm was one of eight children. His mother Louise, was a homemaker and his father, Earl, was a Baptist minister and supporter of Marcus Garvey. Earl’s own activism made him a target of hate groups; he relocated a number of times in attempt to elude them, but to no avail – in 1931, Earl’s body was found laying on trolley tracks in the town of Lansing, Michigan. This, and the 1929 burning of their home, were ruled as ‘accidents’ by local authorities. The stress took an unfortunate toll on Louise’s health, and she was committed to a mental institution – Malcolm and his brothers secured her release from it later on.
Malcolm served 7 years on a 10-year term on burglary charges. During his incarceration, he converted to Islam and focused on furthering his education. His evolution from “small-time hoodlum” to an outspoken, influential leader is testament to the fact that one can achieve great things, even in the face of – nay, in spite of – great adversities. I, and many others, will always wonder what this powerful individual could have accomplished if his life hadn’t been tragically and brutally cut short. Leadership such as his is sorely – and desperately – needed in this day and age.

More Midweek Musings…

Here it is, ‘Ash Wednesday,’ a religious observance which marks the beginning of Lent for certain Xian denominations and which follows ‘Shrove Tuesday.’ More people, however, associate the 3rd Tuesday in March with that observance of decadence and debauchery known as Mardi Gras – ‘Fat Tuesday.’ Many cities in the States observe this day with parades and public drunkenness, with guys exhorting women to “show us your tits!” for cheap, 5-cent beads. This got me to thinking about how idiotic males and females truly are when it comes to the opposite gender.

First off, you have drunken guys. Not the most attractive group, by any means – yet, because there are more men than women, population-wise, there is a created competition that is exacerbated by the ‘mob mentality’ of the crowd. Next, add equally drunken chicks – also unattractive IMHO, but some feel that women just look better than men so, ergo ipso facto, they can never look bad in any situation. That, combined with the uninhibited atmosphere and the copious amounts of liquor imbibed, culminates in the afore-mentioned tit-flashing. Women have been conditioned to get attention from men by baring their mammary glands – and have the nerve to call it “empowering.”

Some slut poses a certain way on the cover of a magazine, and it is somehow “empowering.” Some bimbo actress poses another, certain way on the cover of a different magazine and gets 13 hours of mention on a ‘news-feed.’ Worthless cunts like Paris Hilton and Kim Kar-trash-ian are wealthy because of their names and familial connections, yet are somehow famous and worshipped by many because they “empowered” themselves by making cheesy porn – and those bitches aren’t attractive, contrary to popular opinion. An iced dog turd is not a 5-layer wedding cake…it is just an iced dog turd. Those useless slags are nothing but iced dog turds, yet are fawned over like golden calves. There is such an inundation of nude females on the interwebs that finding tasteful pics of anything is nearly impossible – even finding a good pic of those stiletto heels I posted was difficult – and there are absolutely no nude or semi-nude men to be found, which is what I enjoy looking at. Hey, I’m a straight female…I like seeing attractive men!

50 Shades of Grey is popular amongst the single, female 20-somethings. Why is that? What’s the connection, there? I have read some excerpts of the book and find them quite tame, personally…I have no desire to read it, nor see the movie – and I suppose being happily married (with quite the active sex life, LOL) just might have something to do with it! I’m friggin’ glad that I’m not single in this day and age – competing with plastic attention-whores isn’t my thing, and wasn’t even when I was in my 20s. I’ve never been willing to use cheap tricks to attract men; I have too much dignity for that. And before you start ASSuming that I’m some hideous troll, I can assure you that I don’t lack in the looks department. I am very attractive – period. I just happen to value my intelligence above my looks! I don’t neglect my appearance because I enjoy looking nice, and my husband stays very happy and satisfied – I don’t worry about his eyes wandering. This is why I don’t use my personal pic for my avatar: I want people to focus on my words, not my face. Sure, I’d probably get more male readers if I did so, but again…no cheap tricks for me. Either you like my blog or you don’t…my looks are irrelevant if you read big-person books or blogs with few (or no) shiny pictures. If you must know, though, I have been described thusly: “Awesome,” “Dynamite,” “Spectacular,” “Beautiful,” “Gorgeous,” “Hot,” “Stunning,” “Breathtaking,” and “Stone cold fox.” I am 5’11” and did runway modeling for 2 years…so I’m fine, thank you very much! I’ve also been described as: “A bit much,” “Hedonistic,” and “Intimidating” – again, no skin off my happy arse; either you like me or you don’t.

Which brings me to my next subject: whiny guys. There are a shit-ton of whiny fucking men out there, and I want to ask, “Why are you crying?” You make it clear that you want phony-assed broads with no brains and fake tits, then wonder why real females won’t bother with your juvenile, immature arses? You claim to respect women, yet only acknowledge the ones that send you salacious pics…or, the ones posting said pics on their Shitter and Insta-Ham accounts. Pretty difficult to have a conversation with a person who won’t give you the time of day, simply because you won’t show them your muff! It’s so pathetic I have to laugh…I know, you probably think I sound bitter or angry – but I’m really not. I have no reason to be. It’s just ludicrous to hear people whinge and moan about situations they have walked right into! Oh, well – ultimately, it’s their problem. I’m not in the counseling business….there isn’t enough money to put myself through that nonsense.

It is the Lunar New Year – 2015 marks the Year of the Goat (or Ram, or Sheep – translations vary). It has already arrived in places like New Zealand, Thailand, the Philippines, and other countries in Southeastern Asia. From Chinese Zodiac 2015:

“The Sheep (Goat) is a Yin energy, a symbol of Peace, Harmonious co-existence and Tranquility. That is the primary and fundamental mood for this year. Though there are cries for War and a countdown is soon to begin, if any almanac serves me well – War will be averted and a period of mending and compromise will be undertaken to ensure Peace is maintained.

The Sheep is the symbol of the Arts. It relates to passive and nurturing times. It will help the healing process with regard to past events caused by individuals who have little respect for the human race or life itself. It will be a year of banding together in faith and in belief that good will prevail and win out over the forces that refuse to comply to a peaceful way of life. For those who trust in goodness, happiness and success will follow.

The emphasis will be on joining forces in order to fight the evil and destruction that has been brewing. With the planet Saturn into the sign Scorpio and the planet Pluto in its long stay in the sign Capricorn, there will be greater concern with structure, getting back to basics and using greater intuition to find solutions to problems that have been plaguing the world for some time.

Much will depends on this – the balance of international economy and social harmony is in peace. The call for war is not a step to be taken lightly. Though sabers are rattling on either side, as the calming vapours of the Sheep year spreads over the Nations, sentiments will be kindled and wisdom will prevail. Fate will send emissaries to change the faces of aggression towards a more Peaceful compromise. It does not kill the doubts, anger or desire for violence, but it puts a blanket of constrain over it.”

We can only hope…we can only hope. Maha Shivaratri.

Last, but certainly NOT least – shame on me for getting my calendar late! See, I usually rely on my trusty Simpsons wall calendar to keep me updated on important days throughout the year, but I ordered mine after the beginning of the year. It arrived in the mail yesterday, and it shamed me to see that I forgot to give props to “Black Love Day,” which is always on 13 February - and I neglected to mention it in Friday’s post! I personally believe that genuine, true love is of utmost importance…and if you’re fortunate enough to have it in your life, then you are truly blessed. I know that I am.
Eurythmics: “Love is a Stranger
Roman Holiday: “One Foot Back in Your Door
Sweet: “Love is Like Oxygen
Lady Saw: “Bed Noise

Friday the 13th…February 2015!!! *** UPDATED 15 February ***


Well, here it is – the first of three Friday the 13ths which will occur this year. The next one will be next month, in March, and the final one will be in November. I always try to write something on Friday the 13th, so here are some of my percolating thoughts!

February is the shortest month of the year, and marks Black History Month here in the States. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama on 25 March, 1965. “Bloody Sunday” occurred earlier that year, on 7 March. Peaceful protesters were regularly met with brutal violence, simply for wanting to be treated like human beings…and, sad to say, we are still crying out to be treated with dignity and respect. The more things change, the more they stay the same. People go out of their way to insult murder victims like Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Michael Brown, whilst bestowing heroic honours upon their killers – and others demand that we support those killers blindly, saying that we are being hateful for demanding justice from those who claim to uphold ‘law and order!’ Ye gawds…

Speaking of unjustified heroic honours, a movie was made about a sniper because his death, while unsurprising, was certainly under odd circumstances. If he had been killed in action, we wouldn’t hear a word about him. For some reason this paid killer, upon return to the States after ‘fulfilling his duty,’ had the brilliant notion of treating PTSD by taking patients on visits to a gun range. A former soldier who was receiving this ‘treatment’ chose to shoot the sniper and one other person; his murder trial is now underway. What fascinates me about this whole thing is how a hired killer is labeled a ‘hero,’ while the man suffering from PTSD has been smeared by the sniper’s widow, the military, and the NRA. I had the opportunity to see a rather interesting email which claimed that the soldier had “only served 6 months in Afghanistan” and “claimed to suffer from PTSD,” implying that he couldn’t possibly have PTSD because his military service wasn’t long enough or something. I guess that means that nobody in New York City should have PTSD from 9/11…it was a relatively short occurrence! Anyway, the timing of the movie means that the soldier might not get a fair trial, as opinions have already been swayed by the movie and various conflated emails that circulate in certain circles.

Various awards shows have been airing – I ignore that useless shite, but still hear of the moronic hoopla surrounding those train wrecks/circuses. Things like attention-whore and noted gay fish Kanye West jumping on the stage to interrupt someone’s speech or something like that – as if he gives a flying fuck about PoC anywhere! Oh, right…he was ‘defending’ lily-white Beyoncé…never mind, then. Also, there are people bitching about how ‘white’ the Oscars are. Um…no shit, Sherlock! Do you REALLY expect anything different from ‘Holly-white’?!? Stop the madness and the insanity…don’t do the same thing over and over and expect a different result! If you keep supporting racist institutions and establishments and think they’re “diverse” because they hire Latinos and people from India, then you are incapable of critical thought…just my opinion. The sole purpose of ‘Holly-white’ is to shove the invented heroism, beauty, and ‘goodness’ of whites down the throats of every culture in the world…it’s a sad and somewhat frightening thing.

Brian Williams is now a ‘disgraced anchorman,’ whilst the flap about Bill Cosby seems to have died down somewhat. Larry Wilmore’s show, which is now in the time slot formerly held by Stephen Colbert, is quite good – I enjoy it. Meanwhile, Jon Stewart announced that he is leaving the Daily Show later this year. It’s a shame…I’ve enjoyed every year he’s been on it, and only started watching it when he took the helm. I hope a suitable replacement is tapped to keep it going – Jason Jones would be ideal!


VACCINATIONS DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM!!! I neglected to mention this initially, but better a day or so late than never! There’s been a lot of talk swirling around the measles outbreak, pitting morons who don’t believe in vaccinating their kids against those who feel that booster shots are necessary. The people who are against vaccinations are morons, for the same reasons that those who scoff about ‘global warming’ and humanity’s impact on the ecosystem are morons: they wave away scientific evidence and opt to believe the nonsense and pseudo-science spouted by complete and utter whack-jobs. Who is this Holly-white cunt who has written all of these ‘informative’ books about autism? Where are her medical degrees? What facts has she collated about what contributed to her child’s issues, and what were the sources of those facts? Does she have breast implants, and were they present before pregnancy? If so, did she breast-feed? What medications did she take before or during her pregnancy? See, I have a theory about why autism is more prevalent in modern society, and it has nothing to do with vaccinations – it has to do with unstable people procreating, and people taking unnecessary medications during pregnancy. See, it used to be that people who had behavioural ‘issues’ were simply not seen as marriage material – unless, of course, they came from a wealthy family who could essentially ‘buy’ a spouse for their difficult daughter or sullen son. Children were expected of these unions, so the genes for unstable moods get passed down. Fast-forward to the 1980s: the wonder-drug Ritalin was introduced as a means to control ADD and ADHD, which was suddenly the childhood epidemic du jour. “Oh, doctor – my little boy is running around and bouncing off the walls and furniture! He’s acting like…a LITTLE BOY! What do I do?” “Well, ma’am, just give him this Ritalin – it will calm him right down.” Yeah, prescribing medications to children for acting like children…that made perfect sense, no? On top of that, how many women with ‘personality disorders’ took medications like Paxil, Xanax, or Zoloft whilst pregnant? Sure, doctors said that those drugs wouldn’t be harmful to the fetus – but they said the same thing about an old anti-nausea drug called Thalidomide a few decades back, and look how that turned out. At any rate, vaccinations do not cause autism. It’s brain science, not rocket science. Look at this over-medicated society – what do YOU think? Go get those damned booster shots already! Don’t tell me you would rather see your child or young relative die of tetanus, or see polio make a comeback? Sheesh…get a real statement from a real physician that you know and trust. It’s that simple.

On a sadder note, It breaks my heart to know that Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, has been in hospital for some time now, in a comatose state. I wish her a full recovery and hope that people who care for her well-being are looking out for her. She has much to live for – for all of its ills, this is a beautiful and magical world.

Also, I’m disappointed in the decision by the Little League to strip Jackie Robinson West of their championship. How cold and callous to wait six months after their victory to pick over their roster and decide that the team was invalid for no reason. Sore losers from nearby Evergreen Park decided to be like RethugliKKKans dismantling the Affordable Care Act – they are nothing more than racist fuckwads who couldn’t handle being soundly trounced by a team that was obviously better (42 – 3). Shameful.


I can finally take these shoes off and get to gaming! I have a pair of shoes that are the highest heels I’ve ever worn, and it’s been a while since I wore anything with a heel over 3” – so I have to wear them for about 15 minutes per day whilst sitting down (of course) so that my feet adjust to the shape. I’ve had surgery on both of my feet to remove bone spurs, so it is a bit of a task – my right foot complains when I put the shoe on, and I can only stand in them for a minute! They are beautiful shoes, though…so it’s worth a small bit of discomfort to look good. Certainly not going under the knife like all of the plastic freaks out there… *SHUDDERS*

Today is Friday the 13th – tomorrow is Saturday the 14th, which also happens to be Massacre…I mean, VALENTINE’S Day…so have a great weekend and a wonderful, ‘romantic’ day, dear readers!

A Torrential Flood of Verbosity!

Wow – here it is, the New Year…2015, which marks the Year of the Sheep (19 February).

Much has been going on in the world and many of those events have been tragic, saddening, disheartening, enraging and dismaying. The white sniper in Pennsylvania was caught and taken into custody, alive and well…as expected. No surprise there. Michael Brown was laid to rest at the end of August, and his murderer was given a pat on the back and cleared of any wrongdoing in November. Eric Garner’s killer was also found to have ‘done his duty’ – but really, we all knew that was going to happen. The victims are getting younger and younger, too…in Cleveland, a 12-year-old boy was shot and killed by a cop for…what, exactly? Some sweaty neo-nazi on some ‘news’ show claimed that it was justified – but I didn’t see where there was any threat to the cop’s life on the tape that was aired. A woman in Seattle was beaten by police for no apparent reason other than the colour of her skin. A mentally challenged 17-year-old girl died after being arrested by police and they ‘detained’ her. A 17-year-old boy was hung in North Carolina and the claim was ‘suicide,’ but the knowledge that he had a relationship with a 31-year-old white broad, on top of every other inconsistency surrounding his death, makes it very suspect…it’s almost a given that he was lynched. The woman herself should be questioned, IMHO. There’s a whole lot of wrong goings-on, there…meanwhile, cops are pissed off that people are asking for justice and accountability, and screeching that those who do so are ‘anti-cop.’ Sounds like the equally ridiculous assertions made by racist fuckwads that ‘anti-racism is anti-white.’ Insanity abounds as people hold President Obama personally accountable for everything, yet will never demand that white politicians take responsibility for the KKK and their ilk. Mindless cop-supporters have the gall to hold up signs that say “Stop the Hate” – how fucking laughable is that? As far as I’m concerned, the police force in this country is a terrorist group, just like ISIS or Al-Qaeda; we already know that a majority of the officers are members of all-white ‘unions’ and other organizations. I thought we were fighting a ‘war on terror’ – why don’t we start doing that inside our own borders, first? Hell, on 6 January, some racist fuckwad set off a bomb behind NAACP headquarters in Colorado – why has nothing been done about that? This country was founded on genocide…why do people act as if that isn’t a factor in ALL of this? I hope many people are having open, honest discussions about this over this weekend leading up to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Yesterday, 15 January, marked his birth anniversary – he would have been 86 years of age.

Speaking of ‘terror attacks’ – and I see how redundant that term really is – the nation of France is being lauded as ‘strong’ and ‘heroic’ after some fanatics killed some employees of a satirical newspaper there. “Je Suis Charlie” is the new chant on everybody’s lips, and people worldwide march in solidarity for freedom of speech. At the same time, those who denigrate President Obama are castigating him for not being among those other leaders; personally, I commend him for not standing with hypocrites. Do you really believe that the leaders of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran, or Pakistan give a flying fuck about freedom of speech?!? Countries where journalists are jailed, bloggers are caned, and women can’t ride a freakin’ bicycle in public – do you REALLY believe that the leaders of those countries stand for freedom of speech and expression? I write, and had journalistic aspirations in my youth, so freedom of speech is important to me. On the other hand, I wouldn’t shed a tear if a similar thing occurred at the FauxNews studios…a few less hate-mongers in the world would be a good thing, no? Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, and I adore satire – MAD Magazine was my favourite for the ages! Speaking of satire, my biggest fan-troll tried to accuse me of not knowing what satire is, simply because I don’t like Seth McFarlane’s hateful, racist depictions of Black women. News flash, little troll: Racist stereotypes ain’t satire! Methinks you tried to project your ignorance upon me, and guess what…it didn’t work! Have patience, though – you will get a post solely dedicated to you, one of these days – I just haven’t been bored enough yet to shred your silly comments that you desperately attempt to post.

Digressing…hackers supposedly brought Sony studios to its knees and (almost) managed to stop a fully-produced movie from being released in theatres. I personally think that all of the hooplah was part of the biggest, most elaborate advertisement for a movie to date – let’s see how much they charge for the straight-to-DVD release; we know that will be the willing distributors, since they only want to prevent book sales…and speaking of Sony, how about that ridiculous cunt who decided to make some foul, racist statements about what movies she ASSumed the POTUS would prefer to watch – when caught, she did the typical white-trash move of begging Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for forgiveness. Um, hello? She should be begging President Obama, the First Lady, and Sasha and Malia for forgiveness! She insulted the First Family, not Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson!!! Neither of those men are the sole representatives of the ‘Black community’ – get a freakin’ clue! Ye gawds…and speaking of the First Family, I want to say a hearty “STFU!” to one Michael Huckabee. It’s nunya-fucking-beeswax what music Sasha and Malia listen too. Don’t get me wrong; I personally can’t stand Beyonce or anything she stands for – she certainly doesn’t represent me or any Black woman I know – but you know what? That isn’t the issue. Mike Huckabee should focus on his own family and kids! I fail to see how the President and the First Lady are reprehensible parents, simply because of the musical tastes of their daughters. Speaking of daughters, what music was played by Dubya and his unstable wife, Laura during their administration which led to their little angels, Barbara and Jenna, to go full-slut-hog-wild back in Y2K? There were some VERY scandalous images online at the time, but I think they now exist in the same plane as Dick Cheney’s home. Hell, Dick himself is most likely enjoying those very images as I type this!

Bill Cosby is being destroyed by allegations that are older than I am, by a woman who claims that he drugged and molested her when she was 15. Other women have since come forward with their own claims, which are fairly damning on their surfaces – who would have thought that Beverly Johnson would be one of those accusers? I have my own questions that I’d love to ask each accuser in person, but I won’t have the opportunity, and others won’t bother to think to ask them. So here they are: where were the parents of that girl? Cosby didn’t wave a magic wand or rub a lamp to get the girl in his proximity, so…how did she get there? She wanted to meet a celebrity and was willing to do anything, right? If women put themselves in situations because they’re seeking fame and fortune, then shouldn’t they take some personal accountability for being there in the first place? Similarly, all of those sluts who had nude pictures ‘accidentally’ leaked into cyberspace aren’t as indignant over their supposed loss of privacy as they claim – they are ‘actors,’ after all! No, women who make money by taking off their tops at the drop of a hat, or who are famous for making some pathetic sex tape that ‘accidentally’ gets ‘leaked’ on the interwebs, need to STFU and continue to use their mouths for what got them to the top in the first place…I have no sympathy. And don’t give me that ‘sisterhood’ bullshit, please! It doesn’t exist, much as I’d love to believe in it. Go ahead and accuse me of blaming the victim…I could care less. Rented opinions mean nothing to me. I will say that Mr. Cosby’s wife and daughters are the only women he need answer to and apologize to – period.

The race / colour debate continues to rage on…Idris Elba will play James Bond – and have shitloads of love scenes with white females. The new ‘Annie’ is Black…but of course, Jamie Foxx as “Daddy Warbucks” gets to have love scenes with a white woman. Black men still have no problems with being the ‘token,’ and Black women are seemingly undeserving of love – we simply get used, abused, and tossed to the side. Even more depressing are the writers and producers who claim to show the ‘Black Experience,’ yet they are SO “blinded by the white” – whether it’s someone’s skin colour or the substances they’re snorting or smoking – that they keep on keepin’ on with the same tired-ass, stereotype-filled themes. This opinion piece on Al-Jazeera scratches the surface of what I’m speaking about, but shows like ‘Empire,’ any of Tyler Perry’s shite, or the latest big-screen drivel such as ‘Lucy’ or ‘Jupiter Rising’ make me want to vomit with rage. Steady, Sepultura, steady…soothe thyself…

*SIGH* I think I’ll go to the battlefields of Cyrodiil and take my frustrations out on the avatars of others…it works.

Red Rider: “Lunatic Fringe

Body Count: “Institutionalized

Celtic Frost / Therion: “To Mega Therion

Wednesday 13 “Bad Things

Rob Zombie: “The Great American Nightmare

2014-2015…Happy New Year!!!

Howdy all…been very, very, busy of late – and the news has been so gawd-awfully depressing, I just can’t watch it for awhile…I get too sickened and angry, and just can’t think properly….and that’s no time to speak, for me.
I have plenty to say, never fear….just not today. The new year will see more of me, whether I (or anyone else) likes it or not!
For now, enjoy the selected songs below – and of course, belated blessings for Mabon, the Winter Solstice, and every pagan holiday in between…spank me, I’ve been SO bad!
Santana: “Winning
Van Morrison: “Wild Night
Patti Smith: “People Have the Power
King’s X: “Over My Head

Michael Brown’s Murder: 10 Days Later

It’s been 10 days since 18-year-old Michael Brown was gunned down in cold blood. On Saturday, 9 August, he was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson just after noon and left in the street for hours afterwards. Justifiable anger has grown with each passing day, especially since the name of the officer wasn’t released until Friday, 15 August. On top of that, the racist police chief of Ferguson decided to release a surveillance video from a convenience store the day the officer’s name was made public, which allegedly shows Mike Brown shove an employee of that store before walking out. The release of the video was a pathetic and obvious attempt to distract people from the fact that a cop shot an unarmed youth for no reason. Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson has been a visible presence since Monday, 11 August, after being brought in by local authorities to be “the face” of law enforcement – at the same time, any good he has tried to do has been undermined by the same local authorities who called for his aid in the first place.
An independent autopsy, which was requested by Mike Brown’s parents, shows that he was shot six times – the four body shots could have been survivable, but the two shots to his head were the fatal ones. From Al-Jazeera:

“An autopsy conducted on behalf of Brown’s family showed he was shot at least six times, including twice in the head. The path of one bullet indicates he may have been lowering his head in surrender when the fatal shot hit, according to Brown family attorney Daryl Parks.

Parks told a news conference one bullet hit Brown in the very top of his head and another shattered his right eye.

“His head was in a downward position,” Parks said. “Given those kind of facts, this officer should have been arrested.”

There were no signs of struggle with the officer and no gunshot residue on the body.”

Protests during the day have been peaceful, yet escalate into chaos after dark – more so after curfews were enacted and SWAT team storm-troopers began their patrols. Citizens and journalists have been tear-gassed and sprayed with rubber bullets. Supposed “criminal elements” in the crowds are being blamed for the after-dark violence. The curfew was lifted yesterday and the Missouri National Guard has been deployed. Approximately ten members of Amnesty International are now in Ferguson, as are 40 or so FBI agents. The investigation continues, even though the identity of the murderer is known. The killer cop is on “paid administrative leave,” meaning that he sits on his arse at home and draws a paycheck – meanwhile, the KKK is collecting ‘bounty money’ to reward him further…how sickening.

The amount of news coverage varies by source: The Huffington Post and Al-Jazeera have been fairly detailed from the beginning. International sites such as BBC News and Oslo-based NRK actually have reporters in Ferguson, while Tokyo-based NHK had one tiny blurb on their site – you can read it here.

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This makes the hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown so powerful. It’s sad that some people have taken it to another level. — Sammie. ™ (@LordSWVP) August 11, 2014

As expected, some people are blaming the victim for his death – this happens time and time again when the murder victim has brown skin. It happened with Trayvon Martin. It happened with Eric Garner. It happened with Oscar Grant. It happens all. The. Fucking. TIME. Justice won’t be served until the murderer in arrested. Will the grand jury findings make any difference? Time will tell…but I’m not holding my breath. Lesley McSpadden and Michael Brown, Sr. are still asking what more needs to be done before their son’s killer is arrested. I’d like to know as well – and so does anyone with any shred of intelligence and sanity. We shall see what transpires in the next few days…we shall see.

AP Photo: Charlie Riedel, posted on The Huffington Post

Remembering Robin Williams

Robin McLaurin Williams: 21 July 1951 – 11 August 2014

Ah, me…. My heart aches today, following the news of the untimely death of actor, comedian, and comedic genius Robin Williams at the age of 63. The funnyman who was beloved by many and who made countless people laugh, took his own life yesterday. From the BBC:

“US actor and comedian Robin Williams took his own life at his California home, police have confirmed.

Marin County Sheriff’s Lt Keith Boyd said Williams, 63, had been treated for depression and killed himself by hanging.

The entertainer was last seen alive by his wife on Sunday evening, and was found dead at about noon on Monday, Lt Boyd said.

Tributes have poured forth from President Barack Obama and others.”

Words fail me at the moment…Robin Williams has been a screen presence for me during my entire lifetime, and I’d just heard that he was working on a sequel for the film Mrs. Doubtfire – I’d idly wondered out loud to my husband what the premise would be. Would ‘Daniel’ reprise his role as the matronly Brit for one of his grandchildren? There were three kids involved in the first film…IIRC, ‘Liddie’ was the oldest of three, so it isn’t a far stretch to presume that ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ would reappear to help her with her own marriage and child-rearing issues. The end of the original film had him hosting a children’s show at the end, so anything’s possible in the land of make-believe.

Digressing…I grew up watching Mr. Williams in his role as the alien named Mork, from the planet Ork, in the series Mork & Mindy. I admit to having had a tiny, 6-year-old crush on the guy with the twinkling blue eyes; the shaggy, unruly mop of brown hair, who sported rainbow-coloured braces (also known as suspenders) and would declare “Nanu, Nanu!” in a semi-robotic voice – that statement was essentially like ‘Aloha’ is to Hawai’ians.

The first movie role I saw him in was when he starred in the movie Popeye, which was what we call a “live-action” film in these modern times. For the nimrods out there, “live-action” is essentially when a fictional character, depicted only in animated cartoons, graphic novels or ‘comic books,’ is brought to life and “made real” with living actors and specific special effects. Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superman, Batman, and X-Men are but a few examples of this. I thought that the movie was good, and Robin perfectly captured the essence of the squinting sailor with the bulging forearms and obsession with spinach.

The next role I saw him in was The World According to Garp, which was a fairly obscure rendition of an equally obscure book; I read the book not long after I saw the movie, which came out in 1982 – the book was originally written in 1978, but the cover was updated to show Mr. Williams as the title character after the movie was released.

I haven’t seen a lot of the movies he was celebrated for, such as Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Good Morning Vietnam, Patch Adams, or Birdcage, but I thought that he was great in Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, and of course, the voice of the djinn in Disney’s adaptation of Aladdin. I thought he did some fantastic work in other small-screen roles, including some notable appearances in Homicide: Life on the Street and Law & Order: SVU.

He was one of few celebrities that I found likable in a completely human way, beyond the lights and cameras of Holly-white. He was open about his struggles with cocaine, alcohol, and depression. That is the price of being a genius: we creative sorts want to rise above the pain and chaos of humanity by offering something joyful and beautiful, but we are only too human ourselves and aren’t immune to the ugliness and hatred that surrounds us. Thus, we try to escape like Icarus and strive to touch the sun – but end up paying a terrible price.

I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said by countless others: he was one of the few true, comedic geniuses that come along once in a blue moon. He is in the pantheon of artists that include Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, and George Carlin. You never knew what to expect when he was a guest on any show – but you could guarantee that it would be fucking hilarious and you’d be laughing until you cried. One of the best guest appearances I saw Robin Williams in was when he was on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, when Conan was still on network television. There was a power outage which caused some sort of studio malfunction, so the scheduled band couldn’t perform. Robin went off the chain with some impromptu comedy which resulted in him scampering across the stage like a chimpanzee, acting like he was hurling feces in every direction! That was too gawddamned funny…on top of that, he was wearing one of the craziest-patterned suits I’ve ever seen – but it worked. It fit. It was perfect! Few people could have pulled off that look and made it seem like…just another suit! “Weird Al” Yankovic is one in that category, as is Katt Williams. I searched for that clip, but couldn’t find it…but there are so many others that are just as hilarious, so it was worth the search.

*SIGH*…I’m speechless. Still processing it all. So many unexpected, senseless deaths have occurred in the past few days in all corners of the world – it’s overwhelming. He was one who made so many laugh…yet, the sorrow inside was too much and he felt so utterly alone that the endless emptiness of death was somehow more alluring than the boundless joy of life. Life that he seemed to embrace so fully and so completely, with his entire heart and soul. All I can say is: “Ah, me…”

Rest in peace, Robin – you will be sorely missed. I will remember all of the times you made me laugh and cry with your talent for just being. I know I’m not alone in that.

So Much Senseless Death… *** UPDATED ***

My thoughts are turbulent at the moment…it would seem that Sunday’s ‘supermoon’ has tugged at the fluids surrounding my cerebrum and cerebellum! The skies were clear so we had a fantastic sight of that beautiful orb.
*** Updated Thursday, 14 August 2014: I wanted to add to this post and make a correction – those will be indicated by three asterisks. The correction involves the ages of people who hold CWPs; I inadvertently transposed the numbers so the low age was 12, not 21. Apologies for my error. ***

Another sickening murder has taken place; another brown body lifeless under a sheet, shot down like a dog in the street by a so-called “officer of the law.” Another young man with his life brutally and senselessly cut short; another mother filled with helpless grief and rage as cameras roll, another father stoic as he requests that true justice be served. 18-year-old Michael Brown, days away from attending college, was shot multiple times for reasons unknown at high noon on Saturday, 9 August. The murder occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, which is a suburb of the city of St. Louis.

Michael and a friend were walking along when police decided to “stop and question” them for one of the most asinine reasons I’ve heard yet – they weren’t using the sidewalk. The murdering cop, who is being protected by the “thin blue line,” stated the usual bullshit claim that he was attacked and assaulted by Michael so the shooting was justified. Never mind the fact that Michael had his hands in the air AND was facing the officer when he was shot! It seems that “stop and question” is akin to “stop and frisk,” no?

Protestors have filled the streets, marching and demonstrating in righteous outrage, while a few people engaged in acts of “rioting” and “disorderly conduct.” You ever notice, when PoC gather together and march for a cause, it is deemed a ‘riot’ regardless of actual events – officers dressed in ‘riot gear’ and acting like storm troopers certainly don’t help matters any. When whites gather or march, it’s a ‘peaceful rally’ or a ‘prayer vigil,’ even when property damage and trespassing occur as they did during the WTO in Seattle, or the 99% “rallies” across the country.

A Monday morning press conference was supposed to be held by the Ferguson PD, but was cancelled and the police chief blamed the protestors. His smarmy, ignorant statements made me want to vomit with rage! The FBI announced that it was taking charge of the investigation later that day – I won’t hold my breath waiting for their findings, as I have no respect or regard for that organization…we’ll see what happens when they begin covering up investigating this murder. Idiot talking heads express surprise and dismay that “the simmering resentment in the African-American community” hasn’t “erupted before now.” Acting as if PoC are thoughtless animals, driven solely by emotions and instincts.

This repulsive crime, perpetrated by police in broad daylight, occurred a little over two weeks after another act of police brutality resulted in the death of Eric Garner, also in broad daylight. He was the gentleman in Staten Island, New York who had his life snuffed out via choke-hold for the dastardly (alleged) crime of selling cigarettes tax-free. Between these two incidents, there was some small justice for the family of Renisha McBride, a 19-year-old woman who was shot on the front porch of Theodore P. Wafer. She had gone to his Detroit-area home in the early hours of the morning of 2 November 2013, seeking assistance following an automobile accident. She was supposedly “incoherent and out of control,” causing the homeowner to “fear for his life.” In closing statements, his attorney claimed that “the walls of his home were shaking,” supposedly from violent pounding on the front door. He said that he “wasn’t going to cower (in fear) like a victim.” That’s the icing on the cake – that statement right there.

See, people who carry CWPs tend to be of the same ilk who feel the need to carry AK-47s and AR-15s, so can be painted with a fairly broad brush. Yes, there are VERY few exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, they will be white males between the ages of *** 21 – 92 *** who have been sorely and flagrantly uneducated. They tend to reside in “red states” (one exception being rural areas of so-called “blue states”) and selectively follow biblical scripture and doctrine. They are fans of NASCAR, Duck Dynasty, and Turd Nugent, who wrap themselves in the Confederate flag and sport the ‘Iron Cross’ as a fashion statement. Mindless rage and excess paranoia are common personality traits. Their main sources of current events are FauxNews on television and Alex Jones on YouTube, and they will declare with the utmost sincerity (without even being asked) that they only hate disapprove of President Obama “for his ineffectiveness as a leader of this nation, not because he’s a BLACK!!!” Anyway, the classes given to qualify for a CWP basically direct anyone who kills another to give that (or a similar) statement to the one that her killer made: “I feared for my life and had to defend myself; I didn’t want to kill anyone but I wasn’t going to be a victim!” In reality, these shitbags are just looking for a reason to “take down some criminal” and be a fucking hero in their own twisted minds and realities – they WANT to take someone else’s life and see if they can get away with it. Period.

While searching for information for this post, I came across some articles which succinctly address the issue of gun ownership in this country. I also uncovered some news stories about other Black people, young and old, who have suffered abuse and/or death at the hands of the police.
“Look online and you’ll find pictures of white people proudly carrying guns into churches, bars, and grocery stores thanks to the “open carry” laws passed in nearly every state recently. Black people don’t have that right.When a white teenager named Steve Lohner was stopped by the police last month and refused to show his ID after carrying a loaded shotgun on the streets of Aurora, Colorado (the same city where a mass murderer killed 12 people and injured 70 others in a packed movie theater in July 2012), the teen walked away with nothing but a citation.But when a 22-year-old black kid named John Crawford picked up a mere BB gun in a Walmart store in Dayton, Ohio last week, customers called the police, who then shot and killed him.

Here lies a racial disparity that’s difficult for honest people to ignore. How can black people openly carry a real gun when we can’t even pick up a BB gun in a store without arousing suspicion? The answer in America is that the Second Amendment doesn’t really apply to black people.”

The majority of the comments following the article display deep ignorance and ingrained racism, but I’m not surprised by it. Check out this other article titled “America Is Not for Black People” – it is a worthy read.

Next, I wanted to add the names of some of the people who have been abused or murdered by officers in the past two months. They are young and old; male and female…and they are all Black people.

Ezell Ford

*** ADDED FRIDAY, 15 AUGUST 2014 *** : Dante Parker

John Crawford

Eric Garner

Marlene Pinnock

Denise Stewart

Finally, I wanted to put in three songs that convey how I am feeling about it all. Some tension has been relieved by “putting it to paper,” so to speak; but, music is the universal language…even if you don’t understand what is being said, you can feel it in the music. Listen…and feel.
Gary Jules: “Mad World
Maximum the Hormone: “What’s Up People?!?!?”
Sepultura: “Chaos A.D.”

1st Friday…August 2014!!!

Happy 1st Friday! August 1st rolled in cloudy this morning on the southwest coast of Washington state, but by 10:00 a.m. it was sunny and beautiful.

Bees, ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies, grasshoppers and moths are prolific during this time of year. The bamboo has been creeping along and finally shot up in different places in the yard this year.

I can’t say that I have a lot to say in this post…because I don’t! I’ve never claimed that my blog is completely about social/world/human/personal or any other issues; I talk about what I feel like talking about at any given time. If you like it, great! If you don’t, fine! I do what I want when I want because I’m an adult – and I’ll use ‘adult’ language whenever the fuck I want to, thank you very much! Here’s some music for the hell of it. Enjoy!

“Weird Al” Yankovic: “Tacky

Alice Cooper: “Sick Things

Apache Indian: “Boom Shak-A-Lak

The Cult: “Sweet Soul Sister

Rainbow: “Since You Been Gone

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